Steveston Salmon Festival is all about community. Our organizers deeply value sustainability and they do their part to ensure future generations enjoy the same sense of community that we do today. Steveston Salmon Festival follows the recommendations set by the Richmond Sustainable Event initiative.

Sustainability Commitment Statement

Steveston Salmon Festival is committed to fostering positive environmental, social, and economic impacts for current and future generations within the local community.

Reduce Waste and Recycle

Richmond’s Green Ambassadors will be on site helping event attendees properly dispose of their waste.

Make Smart Water Choices

Richmond’s portable water stations will be on site at all Major Events including Steveston Salmon Festival, meaning you can bring your refillable water bottle from home and have free, clean, fresh, and cold drinking water.

Promote Public and Clean Transportation

Find the sustainable ways to commute to Steveston Salmon Festival. Public transit, cycling, carpooling and walking are all excellent alternatives to cars.

Make Smart Food Choices

Compostable, environmentally friendly wooden cutlery will be mandatory at all Major Events. All other forms of cutlery that generate excess waste will be banned. Keep an eye out for compostable napkins and plates. Finally, the Green Ambassadors on site will help you sort your waste appropriately.

Thank you!

As you take in a year of celebration, please do you part to help make Steveston Salmon Festival a sustainable success!